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Well, Real Estate Agents love us for helping them create a 360 virtual tour for that new house they are selling. Business owners love us for helping them elevate their brand with a professional video they can market. There’s no boundaries to who we can help, and it all starts right here.


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When we talk about specializing in specific industries, we mean—we actually understand your area of expertise, and what you are trying to accomplish. We’ve worked with so many local business owners, and real estate agents that we understand—that every interaction may be different, but what is trying to being accomplished is always the same.

Local Businesses

Videos are important when you are trying to send a message, so we focus on highlighting your business’s core values with a professional video that gets your message across. Make your business look important and professional today.

Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Real estate listing with a virtual tour get 87% more views! Studies show that 54% of Americans will NOT look at a property unless it has virtual images. Sell that house and/or lease quicker by getting everyone’s attention. 

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All of our services are extremely beneficial, and studies prove it. Our services give real-life experience that people are looking for in this day in age. With technology advancing customers expect to see more; professional videos, virutal tours, and photos. It’s easy to get left behind if you are living in the past, and not the future.


Our drones capture all angles that make your video & photos just “POP”. With our videos, The Sky is no longer the limit.



Technology is improving, and so are consumers expectations when “shopping around”. Don’t be stuck with others who only belive in one-way to market, and don’t be left behind while others crushing it, because they see the value and where the future is heading towards.

Professional Photography

Professional photos can really separate your business, team, and property—from the rest of the competiton. Depending on the industry, it’s highly recommended that you are constantly updating your portfolio with new photos to stay ahead of the game.

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John Jaramillio

John Jaramillio


I truly believe that everyone should follow their passion, and always work towards getting better at their craft. Sky High Moments was a dream of mine, and I’m happy to share it with the world that knows we can help make a difference. I love networking and building relationships….

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